Still cleaning up…

Found this image of Taurus, one of the main bad guys in the Migrayn books. I cannot believe how heavily I used Photoshop effects, lol. I think this is when I started working on different poses for my characters. When I started doing the artwork, and I am sure you will be able to tell, all of my characters were just a front side shot. No real action.

So, I am still trying to clean up the site and get used to everything. I have enough artwork to post daily for a year I think, but I want to take some time on it. No rush, as I do not want to put another heavy work item on my plate. This is supposed to be fun for me.

Stay tuned for my favorite links, fun items unrelated to my specific artwork, and some more full story lines. I found some stories of Migrayn created by me and some other talented peeps that have either never been completed or are finished and never seen the light of day.

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