Not much action with a robe…

God it was beautiful outside this weekend. I am still recovering from my recent hernia surgery but went outside over the weekend to partake in an Irish festival with some friends, and spent some time drawin outside. Nothing major, just some warm ups and some LOTR inspired creatures.

I found an old sketchbook from a few years ago, and this sketch caught my eye. Those of you who read my older Migrayn work noticed that before I took a break, Migrayn got his robe pretty messed up. I did this intentionally because I was tired of his outfit. It is very difficult to put him in many action shots because of the robe. I was very constricting of what I wanted to do. The intention was to mess his outfit up so bad he would need new digs, and the image is what it was planning on being.

I like this one a lot better, as there was a greater freedom to do more action shots. It would have been better for me to lean as an artist, and produce more quality pages full of emotion and action.

Of course, I never had the chance to try it out.

I am at a crossroads right now. I have about 3 books worth of story lines I have produced either on the web or in print, but I am not happy with much of it. The story lacked in many aspects, the art was beginner at best, and I really did not like the direction I put Migrayn in. I am strongly thinking of revamping the entire project, keeping most of the main characters and changing everything else, but I am just not sure where to place them and where to begin again. I have some basic ideas, that I am working on each week, trying to sort out the kinks.

One thing is for certain, I am REALLY itching to get back and running again. The creative spark is hitting me, and every time I walk around in my house I see little reminders of what I used to do (comic creator), and I want back in.

This is the best place to stay in the loop of what I will be doing, and once I finally decide I will let you know.

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