The Way ALL Business Should Be Settled

I served in the Air Force for four years. I did it proudly, and loved what I was doing. My father was career military, my grandfathers had served, and I have cousins and uncles and aunts who either served or TRIED to serve. I am appalled this jack ass did not get the smack down earlier. Just watch, and realize this video is a few years old. Funny update to this ASSHAT, he is going on trial soon for killing his wife. Scum bag.

New Punisher Comic Series in 2014

Will add all the info soon including some interviews with the creators. For now a teaser image.1381698499

Dirty Laundry

Thomas Jane did a little video all Punisher fans will enjoy. I love it, and really wish he was able to do a second run at Punisher. I guess this will have to do. No offense Ray Stevenson, you did a fine job as well.