Next eJuice order

MKM001-2This is my next order. I spent about $150 this week on some cool products I will show on the site, and my next orders will be some premium juice lines. I have been getting most of my juice from the GREATEST VAPE SHOP ever, Gorilla Vapes, but figured I would try something as well. Here is some smart packaging:


The Milkman by Vaping Rabbit

Supposedly this is a Pop Tart flavor. I am definitely interested.

New Punisher Comic Series in 2014

Will add all the info soon including some interviews with the creators. For now a teaser image.1381698499

Dirty Laundry

Thomas Jane did a little video all Punisher fans will enjoy. I love it, and really wish he was able to do a second run at Punisher. I guess this will have to do. No offense Ray Stevenson, you did a fine job as well.