The Way ALL Business Should Be Settled

I served in the Air Force for four years. I did it proudly, and loved what I was doing. My father was career military, my grandfathers had served, and I have cousins and uncles and aunts who either served or TRIED to serve. I am appalled this jack ass did not get the smack down earlier. Just watch, and realize this video is a few years old. Funny update to this ASSHAT, he is going on trial soon for killing his wife. Scum bag.

Weekend Update

Hey all, long time no speak, or type, or twitter, or anything. Been super busy at my regular job which not only pays the bills, but also keeps me away from the drawing table and the Xbox.

I am really thinking of starting up some webcomics again. I have six ideas that I am trying to pin down to two. Some brand new that no one has seen or heard, and a few we may all know. I will try to keep this updated a lot more. If anything, the comics or drawings or whatnot will go on this site first. Did some sketches this weekend that I am really proud of, and got my pencil skills flowing again.

Almost finished the campaign to Batman Arkham City, the kiddo and I just finished the X-Men Arcade game on Xbox, and finally got a halfway decent build on my Minecraft house. All of this was done on the weekend too which is a rare luxury. Hopefully I will finish up Batman and move onto the next game I have collecting dust on my shelf.

Hope everyone had an awesome Fathers Day.

Modern Warfare 3 Live Action Trailer

I am going to have a majorly fun time on Tuesday night, playing this game. Also, I really do not like the end of the year. Too many games come out at once, and there is only 24 hours in the day. I needs mah sleep, sucka!

My play style tends to be more along the lines of Jonah Hill, which is fine by me hehe.