So, I do not know if this is good news or bad news, but Deadline reported that Fox is working on a pilot for Marvel’s Punisher. The Punisher has been my favorite comic book character since I first started reading comics. Here are my thoughts on the entire thing:

FX Should Handle This Instead

Fox is great, but Punisher is a gritty ass character. The FX people have some great balls to the wall in terms of violent and explosive shows. Sons of Anarchy, The Shield, and Justified to name a few. I do not think Fox will have the ability to portray Frank Castle in the way he should be portrayed. You should see the blood splatter from the wounds that the Punisher dishes out. You should hear the foul mouthed victims swearing and screaming for a mercy they will surely not get. I do not want to see a “PG13” rated show. I want blood, I want guts, I want adult situations. I want what the character is.

The Chest Skull

When Dolph Lundgren portrayed the character so many years ago, I was completely dissapointed because of the last of his signature skull on his chest. If I do not see a skull on the chest of whomever plays him, I will boycott it, and probably scream bloody murder. Without the Skull, it isn’t the Punisher. The show will be another vanilla cut and dried vigilante show that should not even be call the Punisher. This is a non debatable issue. I am completely fine if he wears regular clothes with just a Skull t-shirt. I am not really caring what version of the skull they use. You better put the friggin’ skull in!

Frank Castle Origin

Three movies so far, and the storyline of his original is completely different each time. I do understand that some things just don’t resonate the same in movies and television that would in comics. I get that. But you cannot tell me that the basic, guttural premise of his origin won’t play well on TV. It has already in different things on television. His origin is pretty classic. His family was murdered by organized crime. He takes his training from the military,etc. to pay back, or PUNISH those who wronged him. There has been some similar stories on television that exactly match his origin, and it will work for TV.

So, while I am extremely excited to see this happening, I am nervous. I do not want someone else messing up a beloved character and hope the really do a good job. Imagine if this takes off, how many other cool characters we could potentially see on the small screen.

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