I spent a few hours last night digging through old art CDs I had. I have not seen some of this artwork in a long time. I found this character I created in 2002 and decided to draw him again, just a quick sketch, on the spot. Here is the older version on the right.

This is not only interesting because of the difference the years make, even though I am rusty, but also the absolute newbie I was in Adobe Photoshop. It was funny to see on a lot of this older art I put affect after affect in, and it doesn’t really help the art all too much. What was I thinking lol.

Of course, I did not have the time to completely ink and color it. I love the roughness a quick sketch brings. I feel the drawing is more organic and fresh seeing all the lines that form the main image. I would love to one day create an entire short 3 or 4 page story like this.

Hope you like the image. Also, last night I threw up the epilogue of Into The Void, one of the first stories of Migrayn. Take a look.

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